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Louis shares his redeployment story

Louis Hicks shares his redeployment story

Louis Hicks, Rotational Physiotherapist, has been redeployed from Musculoskeletal Outpatients to the Intensive Care team within the surgery here at Royal Derby Hospital.

Prior to redeployment Louis was working with patients, either face-to-face or over the phone, caring for those with general musculoskeletal problems. Due to Covid-19, Louis has come back into the surgery and Intensive Care teams to help out on the wards.

Speaking to Louis about his change in role and joining a new team, he said: "Luckily I was quite familiar with the team, as I've done a rotation within this team previously, so I was familiar with the procedures of the team and the kind of patients that they tend to treat."

Louis spoke about the varying work he has been doing since his redeployment: "Last week I was working on Intensive Care, both on the red side and green side. Whereas this week I helped support on the wards discharging patients home, a different kind of work, but both very rewarding."


Talking to Louis about Covid-19 and what it's been like to care for patients who have the virus, he said: "It's sad to be around it day to day but at the same time it's important to be able to help patients get out of hospital."

"As a physio, we treat patients on and off ventilators, rehabilitate patients and help them to be able to sit up properly, stand up and walk, which is really important in their recovery process from covid."

Speaking to Louis about having the opportunity to be redeployed he said: "I'd encourage people to take the opportunity as it's really important to both help those patients who are acutely unwell, but also to help within the mechanism around the hospital itself; to free up beds  and to help those patients that need hospital care."