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Mobile breast screening unit sets up base at Sir Robert Peel Community Hospital

The mobile breast screening unit at Tamworth's Sir Robert Peel Community Hospital

A mobile breast screening van has been stationed at Sir Robert Peel Community Hospital as women in the Tamworth area are encouraged to attend their routine screening appointments.

The van will be stationed at the community hospital for the next year and will provide screening appointments for women as part of the national breast screening service.

Women aged between 50 – 70 are invited for a routine test every three years due to the likelihood of developing breast cancer increasing with age.

Women who are younger than 50 may also be eligible for screening if they have been identified as having a higher risk of developing breast cancer.

Routine breast screening involves x-ray tests, called mammograms, being taken of both breasts which can detect cancers that are too small to see or feel via self-examination.

Lee Chlechowicz, Clinical Service Manager of the Breast Unit at UHDB, said: “The routine screening appointments are so important for the early detection of cancers – the earlier we detect breast cancer, the better the outcomes are for treatment.

“If we catch the cancer when it is less developed, the chances of successful treatment are really high, so yes self-examination is important, but having a mammogram helps us to detect anything that may be too small to find yourself.”

George Farmer, Community Programmes Manager at Sir Robert Peel Community Hospital, said: “We are delighted to be offering this service closer to home for our communities in Tamworth and I would strongly urge anyone who is invited to attend their appointment.”

Anyone who is worried about breast cancer symptoms should speak to their GP at the earliest possible convenience.