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New Urology Outpatient Services team providing continuity of care for Derby patients

Urology Outpatient Services team at Royal Derby Hospital

Teams in Urology, Oncology and Continence Outpatients Teams at Royal Derby Hospital have combined to form the new Urology Outpatients Services which will create a more comprehensive service offering for patients.

The new service will include more nurse-led services providing care for patients from one team are for the duration of their treatment. Some minor procedures and diagnostic work, normally needing a day case admission, will also be carried out by the service.

Viv Jones, Matron for Outpatients covering General Surgery and Urology, said: “This new service has been driven by the teams and has brought all of the separate areas together to create an integrated service which will improve the experience for our patients as it will serve as a one-stop shop for all their needs.

“Providing patients with a team who will see them through for the duration of their treatment with us is certainly something that we think will be beneficial.”

As well as providing benefits for patients, the service is also an excellent opportunity for staff to gain new experience getting involved in all the different specialities.

Viv added: “A new training package has been developed which we will be implementing for staff. Upon completion, staff will gain further qualifications allowing them to develop the nurse led clinics. It is a unique opportunity for them to be able to expand their knowledge and skillset into areas they may not have done previously and will also see further development and opportunities for Nurse Associates to join the team.”

The work to combine the teams and deliver this service will “change the face of outpatient care”, says Viv, who said a huge thank you to staff for setting up this new service:

Viv added: “This is quite a big challenge, but I just want to say thank you to the staff for engaging with the project and embracing it with real commitment to make a difference for our patients.”