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Preceptorship scheme available for #TeamUHDB colleagues

Stacey, Ali and Sara from the preceptorship team at UHDB

Newly qualified staff are being given the opportunity to have dedicated one-to-one supernumerary support in their clinical environment in addition to working alongside experienced UHDB colleagues to further their learning and development as part of a new six/twelve month pilot scheme.

The additional scheme offers staff who are new into their post the chance to have protected support with trained colleagues from across the Trust who can offer holistic support and guidance, both professionally and pastorally.

Additional Bank Preceptors can be booked through the staff bank system for anyone who feels they could benefit from extra support, and the preceptors will spend dedicated time with individuals to help them continue in their development.

Sara Jones Brown is a Registered Nurse who works as a Bank Preceptor and says that the scheme is incredibly worthwhile.

She said: “It’s something that couldn’t be better timed as the last 15 months have been really difficult so to be able to offer this support I think is a really great thing.

“I think before the pandemic arrived, there were some really aspirant nurses who wanted to kick on and develop, but due to the pressures placed on the NHS, that became very difficult. It’s a really rewarding experience to be a part of and I utterly believe in it.”

The scheme, which has been running since March 2021, is available to nursing staff and has been expanded to include Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) and Healthcare Scientists due to its success so far.

Ali Crewesmith, Senior Physiotherapist and AHP Preceptorship Lead, said: “It’s a process that we’re always growing and adapting to suit the needs of the individuals and is a very holistic process. It’s a bit of a gift and so important to support our colleagues with everything they need.

“It’s a really useful tool in terms of retention and recruitment of staff and those that have made use of the scheme have been incredibly positive about it.”

Anyone who becomes a Bank Preceptor receives tailor training to enable them to carry out their role, something which Sara found incredibly useful.

She said: “The training I received to become a Bank Preceptor was excellent and incorporated taking on board the psychological and structural elements of how people learn which has helped me in my role.

“We are there to act as a safety net and helping to shine a light into the shadows of the preceptees’ minds where we can by offering that support and compassionate feedback.”

Stacey Martin, Nursing and Midwifery Practice Placement Advisor for Practice Learning Support Unit, added: “This scheme really fits in with our values and PRIDE objectives and we can meet all learning styles and needs.

“There doesn’t have to be a problem with your work or performance, this is a service that’s there to provide one-to-one support if you would like someone to help with whatever you feel you need.”

If you are interested in becoming a bank preceptor or want to find out more about the scheme, email: