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QHB nurse Emma claims Compassion Award after helping elderly couple reunite for one last time

QHB Ward 6

A Queen’s Hospital Burton nurse who showed “beautiful” compassion by reuniting an elderly couple for the final time has been presented with a well-deserved award.

Emma Barker and the team on Ward 8 arranged for a patient with terminal cancer to spend some priceless time together with his wife, who herself was a patient on the ward and was due to be discharged.  

After speaking to a member of the family beforehand, Emma also took a picture of the married couple hand in hand for their loved ones to cherish forever, as Covid-19 restrictions sadly meant that they were unable to be there themselves.

Ward 6 sister Emma, who was among a number of colleagues redeployed to Ward 8 during the first wave of the pandemic, was named as the winner of our Compassion Award at UHDB’s virtual annual Making a Difference Awards, in recognition for her lovely actions that day.

She said: “I knew that the patient had sadly been diagnosed with a terminal illness and didn’t have long, so it was likely going to be the last time that they’d be able to see each other. His face, just staring at her, it was very emotional.

“I have to say though, this wasn’t just me, it was down to everybody. We’ve got a fantastic team here and it’s a pleasure to work with everybody each day. I try to treat all my patients like they’re my family and how I’d want my family to be looked after. I go home happy at the end of the day knowing that I’ve done that to the best of my ability.”

Duncan Bedford, Executive Managing Director at Burton, visited Ward 6 this week to surprise Emma by presenting her with her award in person, in front of her delighted colleagues.

He said: “The reason that you’ve won our Compassion Award is just beautiful, but it didn’t really surprise me, knowing you as a person and knowing what else you do for others.

“I know that you’ve got a fantastic team around you as well, and it was so nice that when you were asked about this before, you said that it’s not about me, it’s about my team. It’s my pleasure to be able to present you with this award and can I just say again, really well done!”  

Emma Barker