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Stroke Therapy coordinators Paul and Josh given #TeamUHDB Award

Paul Thomson and Sharon Martin

Paul Thomson and Josh Bosworth, Therapy Peripheral Stores Co-ordinators who work for the Stroke Team at Physiotherapy, have been awarded the Making a Difference Award’s #TeamUHDB Award.

Paul and Josh support the Stroke Team at Royal Derby Hospital. They do this through the provision of vital equipment and services which allows the clinical staff within the team to more effectively care for patients in a timely manner.

This includes regular deep cleaning of therapeutic aides (such as wheelchairs), or locating and delivering a range of equipment - liaising with other facilities and organisations as necessary in order to provide this.

The #TeamUHDB colleague nominating Paul and Josh for the award said that “no job is ever too big or too small for Paul and Josh.

“In a pinch they can organise equipment to be brought for patients at various stages of treatment, sourcing from wherever they are able, and changing it where they need to.

“They come to our rescue often, and allow us to perform our roles more effectively by freeing up therapy time for our patients undertaking jobs that we may find challenging to fit in.

“They are so flexible and amenable. They do everything with great communication, and a smile on their faces.”

Paul accepted on behalf of himself and Josh Bosworth, who was unable to attend on the day, saying: “It’s lovely to get this recognition – but it’s just ‘the basics’ of what we should be doing at the Trust, no matter what your role. We’re in a caring profession – going above and beyond is what we are all here for!

“It’s great to see how we can benefit the stroke team through our work. A relative had a TIA a few years ago and the care they received on this ward was phenomenal.

“Josh and I are the first full-time members of staff in these roles. Before we joined, the Therapy team would maintain a lot of our duties themselves, meaning less time directly caring for the patients. Now, when the team finishes with a patient, we get called in on a response basis to support the efficiency of the team, meaning that the rest of the team can be fully focused on patients and their care.

“We know there’s always more we could do to make caring for the patients even more effective – and ideas that will improve our care are always whirring around in my head! It’s nice to feel that we’re only scratching the surface of what we could possibly do.”

Surprising Paul with the presentation of the award, Sharon Martin said: “Of course we all strive to go above and beyond, but Paul and Josh deserve real credit for what they’ve done here. Paul, Josh and the Stroke Therapy team have found a way to add even more value to what they do, and what we do as a Trust.

“Your colleagues certainly recognise that and appreciate it – as do the patients you care for – which is why you’ve been given this award!

“Stroke Therapy is a really multi-disciplinary level of care that we provide, the success of this relying on everyone with a range of skillsets to come together for the benefit of the patient. I would go as far to say that this team has led the way in multi-disciplinary care here at UHDB.

“Well done, and most importantly, thank you, for all you do.”

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