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Three friendly faces greeting UHDB visitors win excellence award

Paul, Dana, Lorraine and Wayne

Wayne Grindle, Lorraine Smedley and Dana Anwar have been awarded with January’s Excellent Employee Making a Difference Award for the immeasurable support they have provided to ensure our staff and visitors follow covid-19 measures.

The three Royal Derby staff members have been praised for their warmth and friendly approach when welcoming the public onsite.

Wayne Grindle, former postman, was in complete shock upon receiving his award and said: “I’m very appreciative to have received such an award. It was so unexpected!

“At the end of the day, we’re just doing our jobs to the best of our ability. It’s nice to be in a job where you’re actually making a difference and offering protection against this horrible thing.”

The three winners have worked at the Royal Derby site since June 2020 and continue to go above and beyond in the work they do.  

Lorraine Smedley was overjoyed with the nomination. She said: “We do a lot more than giving masks out. We help guide those who are new to the hospital and offer a bit of support to those who may be going through a hard time to check in and see if everything’s okay.

“Last week I stayed behind to support a lady who was nervous about attending an appointment so I felt as though I couldn’t go home until I helped. It’s all about being caring and showing compassion.”

Dana Anwar was also presented with the award for his on-going support. He said: “It’s a nice feeling to know that people appreciate what you’re doing.

“I put more than 100% into what I do and want to continue to make a difference where possible.”

Paul Brooks, Director of Patient Experience and Facilities Management, presented Wayne, Lorraine and Dana with their award in person to personally thank them on behalf of everyone at UHDB for all they have done to make our hospital a safe and welcoming environment.

He said: “I want to say a huge thank you to Wayne, Lorraine and Dana for their continuous support with providing PPE to those entering our hospitals as well as everything else they have done for us.

“Not only have these three played a big part in preventing the spread against covid-19, but they have also helped to put a smile on our faces and have made coming into work that little bit better.”

If you would like to nominate a colleague or team for a Monthly Making a Difference Award, please let us know.

There are four monthly Making a Difference Awards categories:

  • Chief Executive Award – chosen by our Chief Executive
  • Patient Hero Award – nominated by patients
  • Team UHDB Award – you can nominate your team or another team
  • Excellent Employee Award – you can nominate your colleagues

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