Coronavirus guidance

If you think you may have symptoms of Coronavirus, follow the national guidance and self-isolate for 10 days. We have Introduced a number of measures and changes to help delay the spread of the virus and maintain essential health services for those that will continue to need them during these unprecedented times. If you, or a member of your family has tested positive for Coronavirus, please find resources to aid your/their recovery on our Coronavirus - Supporting your recovery page.

Making a Difference Winners

Team UHDB Award: Ward 2 LRCH

Our colleagues at our community hospitals across Derbyshire and Staffordshire have played a key role in our fight against Coronavirus; some of them have been thanked with one of our Making a Difference Awards. 

Krishna Kallianpur, Interim Chief Nurse at UHDB, visited Ward 2 at London Road Community Hospital to thank the team for going above and beyond for our patients.

Ward 2 officially opened in January 2020 and since opening, the team have excelled at providing end of life care.

The team, led by Senior Sister, Dawn Wilkinson, have also carried out six months of making their own syringe drivers which has significantly cut down the time patients are waiting for pain relief. Our Nightingale Macmillan Unit Team are also starting to implement this in their department at the Royal Derby Hospital.

Whilst visiting the team at London Road, Krishna Kallianpur presented them with a surprise “Team UHDB” Making a Difference Award – it was an emotional moment for many of the staff after months of hard work to get the ward to where it is today.

Darren Spencer, Registered Nurse, said: “Although it is a new team and a new ward, it is the best team I've ever worked with and the best ward I've been on since qualifying.”

Team UHDB Award: Kings Lodge LRCH

Our colleagues at our community hospitals across Derbyshire and Staffordshire have played a key role in our fight against Coronavirus; some of them have been thanked with one of our Making a Difference Awards. 

Krishna Kallianpur, Interim Chief Nurse at UHDB, visited Kings Lodge at London Road Community Hospital to thank the team for going above and beyond for our patients, especially throughout the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Kings Lodge is a specialist unit for the rehabilitation of adults who have a Neurological condition. This may involve physical impairment and/or communication difficulties and/or cognitive difficulties (memory, problem solving, processing skills, concentration).

Krishna Kallianpur presented the team with a “Team UHDB” award for providing exceptional care to our patients and supporting them throughout their Coronavirus Recovery.

The team, based at London Road Community Hospital, have played a vital role in supporting patients who are recovering from Coronavirus and coming to terms with the impact the virus has had on both their body and mind. While rest is important to recovery, it is also essential that our patients are as active as they can be to rebuild their strength, this also helps their lungs to recover.

Team UHDB Award: QHB Children's Team

Our Children’s Team at Queen’s Hospital Burton have been recognised for the exceptional care and dedication they have provided to our younger patients throughout the Coronavirus pandemic.

In response to Covid-19, we combined our children’s services, bringing together our skilled workforces at Royal Derby Hospital and Queens’s Hospital Burton to provide safe care to children across Derbyshire and Staffordshire.

This week, the Children’s Team have returned to Queen’s Hospital Burton and have begun to reopen, following a temporary relocation to Royal Derby Hospital throughout the pandemic.

To thank the team for the work they have done throughout the pandemic; relocating sites, working with new teams, adapting to new surroundings, Duncan Bedford, Executive Managing Director at QHB visited the team on their first day back to the department to present them with a Team UHDB Making a Difference Award.

Vicki Baldwin, Matron for Paediatric inpatients, added: “The team have done brilliantly and adapted to everything that has been thrown at them. It hasn’t always been plain sailing but I am proud of them for what they have achieved throughout these difficult times.”

Team UHDB Award: Ward 307

A UHDB surgical ward has been commended for continuing to put the needs of their patients first during what has undoubtedly been an extremely difficult period for the team on a personal level.

In addition to sadly seeing a number of their patients pass away throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, Ward 307 at Royal Derby Hospital, which typically treats both Head and Neck and Ophthalmology patients, was also rocked last month by the loss of a member of the team.

Despite the tragic loss of a beloved colleague, the Ward 307 team’s commitment to their patients has never wavered, with staff also really stepping up at our Trust’s time of need by facilitating time-critical surgeries and adapting to support other ward areas with different specialities.   

This has included caring for patients with head injuries and also accommodating high numbers of complex patients with Covid-19 who have undergone a tracheostomy.

The key role that the Ward 307 team has played in keeping these patients safe cannot be overstated, with Krishna Kallianpur, Interim Chief Nurse, paying the team a surprise visit to present them with a Team UHDB Award, to say thank you.

She said: “The team has done exceptionally well in difficult and emotional circumstances; losing a colleague and a lot of long-term patients throughout Covid. Despite this, they have all worked so hard and have changed specialties to support other patients across the organisation.

“The team has adapted fantastically to help keep our patients as safe as possible and should feel very proud about all they’ve done.”

Nicola Tomlinson, Ward 307 Senior Sister, added: “The last few months have been really tough, as we’ve lost our colleague Chris and quite a few long-term patients. Despite this though, the team have all been so great and have really pulled together – I’m really proud of all of them.”

Team UHDB Award: Ward 309

Staff on a Royal Derby Hospital surgical ward have been praised for the incredible lengths they have gone to during the COVID-19 pandemic to help our patients and colleagues alike. 

Ward 309 colleagues have been working flat out throughout the last few months and have managed to maintain close to 100% bed capacity during this whole period – which is among the highest rate across UHDB.

Usually a colorectal and upper gastroenterology ward, the team have also cared for those in specialties that they wouldn’t normally see, such as vascular, urology and hepato-biliary (HPB) patients, in order to help the Trust deal with increased demand in other services.

The whole Ward 309 team have truly risen to the additional challenges brought about by COVID-19 and so thoroughly deserved to be presented with a Team UHDB Award, as a small token of the whole Trust’s appreciation for their efforts.

June Friend, ward sister, said: “The last few months have been hard but everybody has been so positive throughout. We’re a very patient-focused ward and, even though families haven’t been able to see their loved ones, we’ve tried to involve them as much as possible in everything we do.

“This is such an amazing, hardworking team that never says no. I love my job and I know that everyone on this ward does too. I’m so proud of them all. From the nurses, to the HCAs, everyone has played their part, so it means a lot to have won this award.”

Krishna Kallianpur, Interim Chief Nurse, presented the team with their award, and added: “Where other wards may have seen dips in numbers, you have dealt with high patient acuity all the way through Covid.

“It has taken a sustained effort from everyone in the team to maintain close to 100% capacity throughout the whole pandemic, so this award is our way of recognising just how fantastic you have all been. Despite changing specialties, you have still managed to maintain such high standards throughout and should all feel very proud of your efforts.”  

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