Ultrasound scans

The community midwife will arrange an appointment for a scan at approximately 12 weeks. Another scan is offered at 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Further appointments are arranged through the antenatal clinic, community midwife or GP.

It is important that you bring your maternity records with you when you attend any appointment in pregnancy.

Who performs the ultrasound scan?

Qualified sonographers, midwife sonographers or specialist doctors may complete your pregnancy ultrasound scans. Your scan may be completed by a male or female professional. Trainees also work in our department. If you would prefer not to have a trainee carry out your scan (under supervision) please inform the receptionist.

Can I bring someone with me for my scan?

Yes. We allow ONE adult to be with you in the scan room. An ultrasound scan is a medical examination and the sonographer needs to concentrate closely during the examination to check that everything is developing normally with your baby. For this reason, we only allow one person to accompany you in the scan room.


Can I bring children with me for my scan?

No. The purpose of the scan is to check that all is well with your baby and this requires the sonographer to concentrate carefully on the examination. Ultrasound scans can sometimes find problems with the baby and therefore children of any age, will not be allowed in the scan room. Please also be aware that you will be responsible for any dependants (such as young children) accompanying you to your appointment. Staff will not be able to look after them while you are having your scan.

It may be necessary to reschedule your appointment should you attend with children.

Can you tell me my baby's sex?

If asked, the sonographer will attempt to determine the sex of your baby at your 20 week scan. The fetal sex will not be assessed before this scan. However, due to baby’s position or maternal habitus this may not be possible. Please remember that this is not an essential part of the scan; this service is included as a courtesy only. Predicting fetal sex by ultrasound is not 100% accurate so please bear this in mind.

The fetal sex will not be written on your scan report. We are also not able to participate in any ‘gender reveal’ type services as part of the NHS scan, such as writing the sex of the baby on paper and sealing it in an envelope.

If the sex can be seen, only the pregnant person and support person will be verbally informed whilst they are inside the ultrasound scan room.

Can I have a picture of my baby?

Yes. Please ask the Sonographer during your scan if you would like a photograph of your baby. Please note that the image quality is dependent on baby’s position and if you are above average weight the pictures may not be as clear. It also may not be possible to obtain clear scan photos if you are over 24 weeks pregnant. The sonographer will mention any factors that influence the image quality in the ultrasound scan report.

There will be a charge for scan photos. Please pay for your pictures after your scan at the payment machine in the ultrasound waiting area. You can pay for your scan pictures by card payment or contactless payment only, cash is not accepted. The price of the scan pictures start from £5.

Please note that cameras and mobile phones may not be used in the scan room.

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