Sepsis Patient Support Group

In collaboration with the UK Sepsis Trust, UHDB runs support groups for people who have been affected by sepsis.

The peer support group, facilitated by clinical teams, allows sepsis survivors to share their experience, and relate to others who have been through a similar experience. Members are very welcome to bring a friend or relative along with them, and the dates for future groups can be found below. 

Sepsis support groups
18 July 2024 7.30pm - 9pm
19 September 2024 7.30pm - 9pm
21 November 2024 7.30pm - 9pm

If you are interested in attending a future group, please contact, or


Nottingham Road Community Fire Station,
Nottingham Road,
DE21 6FP


“It was fantastic to see the benefit everyone got from the group, from the reassurance that things will get better, to the realisation that what I am going through is common and normal. The group gelled so quickly and everyone was comfortable sharing practical tips and motivating one another.  There was a real desire to continue and grow the group, with plans afoot to meet again in January.” - Duncan Cameron, Transformation Lead.

Recovering from Sepsis

Sepsis can affect people even after they have left hospital. It is not uncommon for sepsis survivors to have physical, psychological and emotional challenges and these typically last 6 to 12 months.

More information on sepsis recovery can be found by visiting the visiting the UK Sepsis Trust website (opens in new window) >.

You can contact the UK Sepsis Trust Support Team for further information and support on their free-phone confidential support number 0808 800 0029, or email

Reflections and advice from sepsis support group members


‘It took me 12 months to get the spring back in my step.’

‘Since having sepsis I get quite teary, I never used to be this emotional’.

‘Going back to intensive care really helped me get some closure’.

‘Keeping a diary helped me see the progress I was making, even if that was taking a couple of extra steps each day’.

‘I’d find myself sleeping 16 hours a day’.