PRIDE Pharmacy

Pride Pharmacy

Your onsite pharmacy services are changing.

Pride Pharmacy opened its doors at Royal Derby Hospital in February 2020 and is one of the busiest pharmacies in the region, dispensing around 10,000 outpatient prescriptions every month.

Alongside the outpatient dispensary service, Pride Pharmacy also operates a retail outlet offering over the counter medicines, toiletries, and baby products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still collect my hospital prescriptions from the outpatient store?

Yes, services will operate as normal.

Have the opening hours changed?

  • Monday to Friday: 8am - 7pm
  • Saturday: 8am - 2pm
  • Sunday and Bank Holidays: Closed 

I sometimes collect my prescription at my local Boots pharmacy, can I still do that?

Due to Boots withdrawing services patients will no longer be able to use their local store pick up service as Pride Pharmacy will not have access to the Boots store network.

Patients who previously collected their prescription from a local Boots store will now be offered delivery to a place of their choice via Royal Mail. Deliveries can be made to a home address, alternative location such as work/family member. Please note local delivery will only be available via participating clinics.

The last delivery to a Boots store will be 31 January 2020 with collection from store no later than 28 February. After this date patients will need to return to clinic for a new prescription to be issued. If you normally have a date limited collection window for your prescription (eg Isotretinoin) this will still apply.

Can I take my Hospital outpatient prescription to my regular community pharmacy?

No, it is not legally allowed for a community pharmacy to dispense hospital out-patient prescriptions.  Hospital outpatient prescriptions can only be dispensed by the pharmacy departments within the hospital.  This has always been the case, even when the Hospital’s own pharmacy dispensed these prescriptions. 

Where can I park? 

All car parks are free for the first 30 minutes. The nearest car park is Car Park 8. There are also designated drop off bays around the hospital near Entrance 24 and Entrance 21.

Pride pharmacy is closed.  What should I do?

Return or contact the clinic which you visited and speak to a member of staff.  A clinician will then need to decide whether the prescription is clinically urgent.  If so, clinic staff will contact the Trust’s on-call Pharmacist. If the prescription is not urgent you should return to the Pride pharmacy during opening hours.

What is not changing?

  • The store location is remaining the same
  • Opening hours will remain as they currently are
  • The store will continue to offer a range of retail products
  • Staff discount will be available on retail and over the counter products
  • All of the Boots staff that choose to, will transfer to Pride Pharmacy

We hope to make the transition to Pride Pharmacy as smooth as possible for patients, visitors and UHDB staff.

What happened to Boots?

Following a strategic review of their business portfolio, Boots chose to end their contract for outpatient pharmacy services at Royal Derby Hospital. The last day of trading was Friday 31 January 2020. From 3 February 2020, outpatient pharmacy dispensary services have been provided by PRIDE Pharmacy, a subsidiary of University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Foundation Trust.