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Joy for compassionate colleague Mandie whose been awarded Cavell Star

Mandie Linnington has been awarded a Cavell Star

A UHDB colleague who went above and beyond in her care of a patient, has been praised by an ex-nurse, who witnessed her compassion, and deemed her worthy of the prestigious Cavell Star award.

Mary White, a former Clinical Nurse Specialist, was a patient on Ward 308 at Royal Derby Hospital in December last year when she first met Senior Sister Mandie Linnington.

Mary said: “I woke up to the sound of a nurse encouraging the elderly patient opposite to       'raise your arms higher so that I can give you a good wash'.

“To my surprise this was followed by the sight of navy blue posterior protruding through the curtains.

'Things must be bad if Sister is having to work on the front line', I said. The sister (Mandie) quickly explained her view of her role which was to be attached to a different team each day 'caring for my patients' not ' behind the desk'.

“And so it went on with Mandie answering buzzers and attending to patients' needs alongside her staff.”

Mary was even more taken aback when she saw a particularly special gesture from Mandie, who was supporting an anxious patient.

She said: “During the doctors' round my elderly neighbour was told she could go home today but this was clearly not good news and she became very anxious.”

After a discussion with the patient Mandie reassured her that she would only be discharged when arrangements were in place. She then kept popping in to get updates on the patient despite working in other teams.

But it was her actions on New Year’s Eve that were the icing on the cake for Mary and prompted her to nominate Mandie for the Cavell Star for her ‘five-star nursing care’ towards another patient when she witnessed Mandie quietly take a patient’s dirty laundry home to wash and dry overnight for when they were discharged the next day.

Mary said: “Mandie’s style of management was reflected in the standard of care on offer. Throughout the unit, no buzzers or patient queries were left unanswered.

“A junior member of staff told me “We are more like a family” and I met a night staff nurse – retired before Covid – who came back to help Mandie out two nights a week and does not want to leave now in spite of some mobility issues.

“In summary I would say that Mandie is a combination of the best of the old and new. She is efficient and knowledgeable about her patients while also being relaxed and friendly.”

Mandie was presented with the Cavell Star Award by Executive Chief Nurse Garry Marsh and Hilary Ford, Divisional Nursing Director.

Also there to see Mandie receive the award was Mary, who nominated her and Katy Pugh, Chief Executive for Age UK in Derby.

Mandie, who has worked for the Trust for 22 years and has been a Senior Sister for 13 years said she was “just doing her job” and tries to give her patients the care she would show to her own family members.

She said: “I remember the patient in question. It was New Year’s Eve and for me it was nothing to take home her clothing, chuck it in the wash and dry it for the next day.

“I didn’t think it was anything special. I just did what I think we should do and I’d like to think that if it was my mum in the bed that those looking after her would do the same.

“I’ve been nursing for 34 years and my team is really important to me. If you look after your team they look after the patients and showcase the same respect and compassion we would expect if we were patients.

“It is nice to be recognised and it is so special to get this award, I just can’t believe it.”

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