Staff accolades

PAU team awarded for exceptional care that 'leaves patients smiling'

A team that displays exceptional care to both their patients and their staff with their ‘smiling faces’ and reassuring words, has been recognised with a Making a Difference Award.

The Paediatric Assessment Unit (PAU) team at Queen’s Hospital Burton has received the ‘Team UHDB’ award for their dedication to their patients and their peers after a new member of staff nominated them.

Shibeen Rajan joined the team as a receptionist in June last year and felt “immediately welcomed and part of the team.”

She said: “I enjoy working with this group of people who are all passionate in their work and treat each family with dignity and respect.

“I believe that the PAU team give families hope and reassurance and go above and beyond to care for young people and communicate clearly to families what those patients need.”

PAU is an urgent assessment unit for children and patients from newborn to the age of 16.  Andrea Gordon, Managing Director for Burton and Deputy Chief Operating Officer, presented the award to the team and said the team have gone above and beyond for families when they need it most.

She said: “I’m absolutely thrilled to be able to present you with the Team UHDB award. You were nominated by a receptionist who was struck by how thoughtful and kind you all were to her and your patients and she is an incredible advocate for wanting to work in the NHS.

“Children are the most precious things and I can see just by the smiling faces that you all enjoy working here and I can tell that you just go above and beyond for the children and their families every day.

“This is very much a team award and I want to thank you all very much. The fact that someone new who had just started here had the confidence and courage to put you forward for this award shows that she saw in you all something worth recognising.”

Jane Daykin, Senior Sister said the team is like one big family. She said: “It is so nice for the team to be recognised. Each and every person in the team goes above and beyond to make sure that their young patients are looked after and their families are also taken care of.

“It is also really nice to hear that Shibeen felt welcomed by the team. The team is like one big family and all share the same values and vision, to treat each family with compassion and exceptional care.”

If you would like to nominate a colleague or team for a Monthly Making a Difference Award, please let us know.

There are four monthly Making a Difference Awards categories:

  • Chief Executive Award – chosen by our CEO
  • Patient Hero Award – nominated by patients
  • Team UHDB Award – you can nominate your team or another team
  • Excellent Employee Award – you can nominate your colleagues

You can send a 300 word nomination, along with the name of the team or individual, their job title and where they work, to: