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UHDB colleague Patrick Kumah featured in 2022 International Power List

Patrick Kumah, a Consultant Biomedical Scientist specialising in gastrointestinal histopathology at Royal Derby Hospital, has been recognised for his work in The Pathologist’s 2022 International Power List.

The Power List is an “annual celebration of the great and inspirational minds that underpin the medical laboratory” curated by The Pathologist, an online magazine that allows those in biomedical science to have a platform to discuss and learn more about their work. This year, the list celebrated contributions to the profession in five key areas: Ready for Take-Off, Ground Control, Voyage of Discovery, First Contact and Strange New Worlds.

Announcing his inclusion on the list, The Pathologist stated it was ‘hard to deny’ that Patrick is a ‘leader in his field’ as part of the Ground Control area.

Patrick on the other hand, stated he was “amazed, flattered, and surprised” at this “very real honour”:

“When I first found out about this a few months back, part of me though it was a joke! I’ve looked at the individuals that were on this list in previous years and never imagined I’d be on it one day. The fact it is international too, and not just the UK, has really floored me.”

While the inclusion on the list was a shock for him, he has not yet managed to identify whoever decided to nominate him!

“Thank you – if you ever decide to come forward – and to the independent panel who believed I should make the list this year.”

Patrick has worked in the NHS for over 29 years, and has been working in his current role since 2018 after undergoing and completing training to report gastrointestinal histopathology at the Royal College of Pathologists.

“I was one of the first five biomedical scientists in the country to get to this stage, and contrary to when I first started in biomedical science all those years ago, this achievement has allowed me to have an even more clinical role – as it used to be the case that the more senior you become, the further away from the lab you become too.

“The lab has always been the part of the job that interested me the most. Not only this, but this offers me the opportunity to have even more of an involvement and impact in terms of diagnoses and patient care delivery.”

Asked what he thought this shows regarding the importance of these sorts of roles in healthcare, Patrick said that “everybody has got something they can bring to the table”.

“I would never claim to be a direct replacement for someone who’s been to medical school and training as a doctor. That being said, I feel like healthcare scientists and Allied Health Professionals are a valuable resource that is not always tapped into for maximum capacity – and we will always support ensuring patients receive the most timely, effective diagnosis and care that they need.

“If you’re considering a career in this field, have an open mind in terms of which particular direction your career might take you. You should be flexible and adaptable, and you will succeed.”

Interim Executive Medical Director, Dr James Crampton was “delighted” by the news.

“We are so proud of Patrick and the work he does – and to be recognised on an international level is an incredible achievement, and a testament to his dedication to the NHS for almost 30 years.

“The strides he has made in his field has paved the way for others, and we couldn’t be happier that we’re able to utilise his considerable skill and experience here at UHDB. Congratulations, Patrick!"

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