General wellbeing, health and fitness support

Our Wellbeing Hub supports physical, social and mental wellbeing, with a comprehensive range of resources to help our people, including an award-winning menopause offer.

Eye tests

We provide a safe working environment for our employees and we offer free eyesight tests to staff that are required to use display screen equipment for prolonged periods.

Gym and activity classes

We run activity classes, which we encourage all our staff to take part in, from Legs, Bums and Tums, Zumba, Pilates to Yoga and Boxing Circuits, search our staff intranet for ‘Access to exercise’ for the full timetable.

patient and nurse laughing

Support to stop smoking

The Trust operates a No Smoking onsite policy and we try to provide an environment that is healthy for all our staff members and we encourage and advise our staff on how to quit smoking.

Counselling and support

We recognise that our staff can face times of hardships, we have partnered with Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) to provide free confidential service, including counselling, coaching, advice and support, 24 hours a day, seven days week.

Stress training

We offer courses, raising awareness of the signs and symptoms of stress for all our employees giving them supportive advice and information. The Trust provides an essential course for managers, which outlines their roles and responsibilities in our Stress Policy; we make sure they are aware of the support mechanisms and tools available to help combat stress in the Trust.

Back care and physiotherapy

We are dedicated to our staff and ensure our employees are safe, we provide assessments, training and advise on equipment. We offer any recommendations and referrals if you have any musculoskeletal issues.

Respiratory patient leaving hospital


If you like to keep fit and healthy, our Trust provides onsite lockable shelter at both our Hospitals. There are also various cycle hoops around the hospital grounds including cycle pods.

Healthy commuting

We take part in alternative travel to work weeks including cycle to work and walk to work schemes along with regular travel offers available to staff.

Flu Fighter

We provide a free flu jab service every year to help protect our employees.