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Andrology laboratory services

Services include

  • Semen analysis for fertility

  • Post vasectomy semen analysis

  • Retrograde semen analysis

  • Reversal of  vasectomy semen analysis

Contact and find us


Fertility Unit, Ground Floor
Royal Derby Hospital
Uttoxeter Road
DE22 8NE

Nearest entrance: 19
Nearest car park:  6

Alternatively there are two twenty minute drop-off parking places outside the unit.

Contact us

Clinical lead for fertility: Mr Jayaprakasan
Telephone: 01332 785 177

For advice on sample processing, collection and reference ranges:
Telephone: 01332 785 710

Opening times

Andrology lab opening times
Wednesday 8am - 3:30pm
Thursday 8am - 3:30pm
Friday 8am - 3:30pm

Availability of clinical advice and interpretation

Clinical advice and information can be obtained by telephone from the clinical lead for fertility, Mr Jayaprakasan:  

Telephone Mr Jayaprakasan:  01332 785 177

Advice from an expert biomedical scientist is available by contacting the laboratory directly, for questions related to sample processing, collection and reference ranges: 

Telephone:  01332 785 710

Request forms

Semen analysis (white) and post-vasectomy analysis (green) request forms are available from our pathology stores.

Telephone: 01332 785 581

Request forms for IUI and DI analysis are provided by the relevant clinicians at appointments. 

Instructions for samples

Instructions for transportation of samples

The fertility laboratory operates an appointment only system for the analysis of semen samples.

It is preferably for samples to be produced on site (dedicated rooms available)

Samples that are produced at home must be provided in a specific container (available from the fertility unit) and brought to the unit at the arranged appointment time. Samples must be received within 30 minutes of production.

How to submit samples

Semen sample pots provided by the fertility unit are cytotoxicity tested by the Andrology laboratory. It is essential that these containers are used. We cannot accept samples in any other containers.

It is imperative that samples arrive in the department soon after production. Time limits are set at 30 minutes post production for semen analysis and for post vasectomy analysis to allow us to process the sample within 1 hour of production.

Abstinence (the length of time since the last ejaculate by masturbation or intercourse) should be between a minimum of 2 days and preferably up to a maximum of 7 days; outside of this range means quantity and/or quality of the sample may be affected.

It is essential that the whole sample is collected. Samples that are only partially collected will not be tested. This is to avoid the reporting of inaccurate results, as sperm are not ejaculated evenly throughout the seminal fluid.

Samples that are produced at home should be kept at body temperature. Excessive heat/cold will affect the diagnostic interpretation of results.

What are the time limits for requesting additional examinations?

All additional test examinations are carried out when appropriate by the biomedical scientist as part of the diagnostic process. This may include

  • vitality test
  • anti-sperm antibody testing


The laboratory currently follows the WHO 2010 Guidance, 5th edition.

The WHO updated their guidance in 2021 from the 5th to 6th edition for semen analysis. Main changes in reporting include morphological assessment to incorporate specific morphological issues.

If you would like more information, please contact the andrology department on 01332 785710 to discuss any concerns.

The laboratory is HFEA accredited.

The following tests are not UKAS accredited:

  • Viscosity

  • Agglutination

  • Retrograde

  • Vitality

  • Antisperm Antibody