Knee rehabilitation programme

This guide is aimed at providing basic information on how to rehabilitate your knee with the aim of restoring the range of movement, strength and control of your knee joint.

The hope is that by doing this you will give your knee the best possible chance to improve and hopefully restore your knee back to its full function. Although there is no guarantee that your pain will completely disappear this guide should help you to re-gain confidence in your knee and help you to self-manage your knee problem in the future. 

The early-stage rehabilitation page shows you how to optimise your recovery in the early days after an injury, operation or an acute flare up of your knee problem. The intermediate stage encourages you to build strength and control in the knee muscles with some higher-level strengthening advice and exercises.

The advanced late-stage page is designed to help you return to your chosen sport or hobby. It starts with linear jogging drills and progressively builds up the exercises to expose the knee to cutting and pivoting forces that you will need for higher level sports. This guide can be tailored to your individual needs and not all of these sections will be appropriate for you at your stage of rehabilitation. Please do not hesitate to check in with your physiotherapist if you are unsure about your readiness to start any of these exercises.