Grateful antenatal clinic colleagues surprise QHB receptionist Angela with Excellent Employee Award | Making a Difference - Award Winners

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Grateful antenatal clinic colleagues surprise QHB receptionist Angela with Excellent Employee Award

Angela Bailey

An “outstanding” Queen’s Hospital Burton receptionist who really stepped up and took responsibility when her team needed her most has been lauded by her colleagues.

Angela Bailey had to run the antenatal clinic reception desk on her own during a particularly busy day earlier this autumn, as an unlucky mix of staff sickness and annual leave left her team short of numbers.

Despite being under immense pressure throughout the day though, Angela continued to showcase the compassion and kindness that she is renowned for to every patient and colleague that she came across during her shift.

The huge contribution she makes to the antenatal clinic hasn’t gone unnoticed, with senior sister Annette Haynes making the decision to nominate Angela for a Making a Difference Award, following her actions on that busy October day.  

Annette wrote: “We have had a really challenging few months with staff shortages due to sickness, and on 8 October, we were down to just one receptionist – Angela Bailey. She pushed her boundaries and challenged herself to take on the huge responsibility of running the Burton site antenatal clinic reception on her own, as all her other colleagues were off work due to sickness and annual leave.

“The whole day, she welcomed patients and showed kindness to both patients and her peers in the antenatal clinic, despite being under considerable pressure. Angela is an outstanding receptionist and is one of our colleagues who has soldiered on throughout the Covid-19 pandemic – always smiling and always really compassionate with our patients.”

Angela was selected as the latest winner of UHDB’s Excellent Employee, in recognition of all her good work, with Duncan Bedford, Executive Managing Director at Burton, surprising the receptionist with her award in front of her delighted colleagues.

“Thank you very much,” said Angela, “this is a complete surprise! It’s never just down to one person though, it’s the whole team. We all do the same to try and keep the service running smoothly. Sometimes, we can be left on our own because of various circumstances, but I do what I can, although it’s the whole group of us that keeps the boat afloat.”

Duncan said: “I’m really pleased to be able to stand in front of you today to say a massive thanks. Your colleagues have all recognised what a fantastic job you do. We know that there’s been some challenges and difficulties in trying to keep the ship afloat, and I understand that on one particular day, you were here on your own, trying to man the fort. Presenting these awards is the best part of my job, so I’m really proud to be able to award you with this.”

Annette added: “Every so often, really amazing work needs to be recognised, and that’s what this is all about. I couldn’t have done this without you, Angela, so thank you so much for all you’ve done!”

Angela Bailey