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Royal Derby Security Team recognised by colleagues in our Children’s Hospital for providing ‘Exceptional Care Together’

Security Team Feb 2022

The Security Team at Royal Derby Hospital have been praised by multiple colleagues across the Trust for their work with a young patient on our Children’s Ward.

Our security staff across UHDB do so much more than just making sure our sites are accessible and safe for patients, staff and visitors. They are also trained to provide support to patients who are distressed and need additional support when in hospital.

On this particular occasion, the team were nominated for supporting a long-term patient on one of our children’s wards.

Part of the nomination, submitted by a colleague working on the Children’s Ward, read: “The security team supported us at many stages of this patients’ care. The young person was with us all over the Christmas period before being discharged to another hospital.

“The way that security approached this situation was exemplary. They showed genuine care and compassion for the young person and took time to get to know them and the things that they enjoyed.

“They were familiar with the patients care plan that detailed their interests and would spend time engaging them in the things that they liked to talk about. The team had lots of laughs with the patient and if they had time, would often spend time playing their Nintendo switch, as they knew that this was a high-risk time for the patient to be distressed and they required distraction.

“The team really did everything they could to lessen the distress of the patient and minimise any emotional trauma.  The Security Team also provided support to the staff – nothing was ever too much trouble for them.”

Steve Dakin, Security Manager at University Hospitals of Derby and Burton, said: “I am extremely proud of the team for the way in which they have handled some very tricky situations with care and professionalism.

“This case in particular was a very difficult one for the security officers to be involved in.

“To see them in action with this particular patient was touching and emphasises the team’s ability to adapt to any given situation. Any call involving children and the requirement for security intervention is always a difficult thing to deal with.

“Holding their hand, distracting them with jokes to make them laugh and playing their games to take their mind of what is happening. Reducing and eliminating the need to act further by using their personalities and exceptional de-escalation tactics.

“I genuinely believe that they have made a difference to many lives with the way they work. They are an amazing team in a skilled role and are often the unsung heroes within the hospitals. It’s great to see them get the recognition they deserve.

“Having witnessed the care, empathy and compassion they showed this patient, made me think of my own children and whether I would be happy with how the team are assisting with their care. Without doubt the answer is yes.”

Paul Brooks said “You have to do some really difficult tasks as part of your role, but I don’t think there has been anything more difficult than what you have been doing up in our Children’s Hospital over the past couple of months supporting them all up there,

“It’s not just doing the job, its how you do the job and you have made such a difference to this young person’s life that might actually shape their life for the rest of their life

“You guys are more than just a security guard; you are the people here that make a real difference to people in really difficult circumstances.

“I’m so proud of you as a team, I always am, but especially on days like this when I get to come down and hand over an award to recognise you for the work you have done.”

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