Labour wards

midwife in labour ward

Royal Derby Hospital


Maternity Unit, Royal Derby Hospital
Entrance 21 

Telephone: 01332 785141


The labour ward provides care to women before, during and after giving birth. 

There are 17 single bed en-suite labour rooms and a pool room.

We also have a 4 bedded area to provide care to women who are having their labours started off (induced) and a 4 bedded area for those women that need extra care after the birth.

We work as a multidisciplinary team with midwives, obstetricians, anaesthetists, paediatricians and support workers.

It is a good idea to discuss your thoughts with your community midwife and write a birth plan so that everyone involved in your care knows your preferences. 


  • pool room

  • light room

  • epidural service

  • remote monitoring system: where it is possible to monitor a baby’s heartbeat without being restricted to a bed or chair

  • high dependency unit

  • operating theatres

  • neonatal unit

Other information

You may bring 2 people to support you in labour / birth (only 1 in theatre).

It is a good idea to prepare 2 bags. One with things for you and a separate one for baby items.

CD players / iPod docking stations are available in every room.

Please bring your maternity records, your ‘looking after yourself’ booklet and the screening tests with you.

Queen's Hospital Burton


Queen's Hospital Burton 
Floor 1
Belvedere Road
Burton on Trent
DE13 0RB

You will need to use a lift or stairs to access this service.

How to get here


01283 511 511 Ext 4355 or Ex4356


Visiting times

Two birthing partners may stay throughout the labour.

There are no dedicated visiting times on Delivery suite, however visiting can be arranged via the delivery suite coordinator.


Information for patients and visitors

  • There are no protected meal times
  • Siblings are permitted on the ward to visit once the baby is born
  • No flowers are permitted on the ward

Samuel Johnson Community Hospital


Samuel Johnson Community Hospital
Trent Valley Road (A5127)
WS13 6EF

How to get there

Visiting times

Samuel Johnson has a flexible policy about birth partners and visiting times.


01283 511 511 ext 4348 / 4349

Expectant mothers: For more information or an informal visit to view the facilities and discuss your options, please call 01543 412 905


We provide a midwife-led maternity unit where you and your birth partner can relax in our comfortable and homely environment. 

Care is provided by a small team of midwives and maternity support workers. Our staff are friendly, highly skilled and trained to give complete care during your pregnancy, birth and postnatal period. We are fully committed to supporting your choices for childbirth.

Facilities include:

  • 3 postnatal beds
  • 2 birthing pools
  • en-suite bathrooms
  • music centres
  • birthing balls, birthing slings, bean bags and reclining chairs

Over 80% of women use the pools for pain relief and 67% have a water birth.  Our pharmacological pain relief is only 3% as the birthing pool is extremely effective.


  • Active birth workshops
  • Breast feeding workshops
  • Antenatal clinics
  • Postnatal care
  • Birthing pools
  • Supportive of hypnobirthing
  • Access to holistic therapy including aromatherapy and reflexology
  • Active birth room
  • Baby hearing tests
  • Baby photography can be arranged
  • 24 hour access to midwife advice

As this is a midwife-led unit there are no consultants, so this unit is only suitable for women who are experiencing a normal pregnancy, with no adverse medical history or previous pregnancy complications.