What routine care will I receive when I am pregnant?

If you are physically well and healthy and the likelihood of you or your baby developing problems in pregnancy is low, then we recommend that you are cared for by a midwife.

At the beginning of a pregnancy

You can choose whether you would like to give birth at home or in hospital. The midwife will be your first point of contact, for information and support for all your pregnancy and birthing needs.

Apart from when you have your scans at the hospital, your antenatal appointments will be held at your local GP surgery, health centre or children’s centre.

At the beginning of the pregnancy a midwife will review your medical and childbearing history. Most women will receive most of their care from a midwife. However, if you or your midwife has any cause for concern (at the beginning or at any time during your pregnancy), you will be offered a referral to the hospital to see a member of the multidisciplinary team who can provide the right advice and care for you.

Your midwife will discuss the following options with you and support you in your choice of care.

Following your first appointment with your midwife you will be given your maternity records. It is important to bring your maternity records to every appointment in pregnancy.

Routine care pathway

This is an overview of the routine care pathway. You may have different appointments and additional scans based on your personal clinical needs in this pregnancy.

Download Routine Antenatal Care Pathway [pdf] (opens in new window) 636KB

Contact your local community midwifery team

East team

Based at Samuel Johnson Community Hospital and covers Burton, Ashby and Uttoxeter areas.

Telephone: 01283 511511 ext 4351

Getting to Samuel Johnson Community Hospital >

West team

Based at Samuel Johnson Community Hospital and covers Tamworth, Lichfield and Burntwood areas.

Telephone: 01827 263870

Getting to Samuel Johnson Community Hospital >

Babington team

Babington Hospital
Derby Road
Telephone: 01773 525 085

Coleman team

Coleman Street Health Centre
Coleman Street
Telephone: 01332 861 192

Devonshire team

Florence Nightingale Community Hospital
London Road
Telephone: 01332 254 714 

Long Eaton team

Long Eaton Health Centre
Midland Street
Long Eaton
Telephone: 01158 554 060 

Swadlincote team

Swadlincote Health Centre
Civic Way
Telephone: 01283 818 030 

Continuity of Carer

Continuity of Carer means a small team of midwives providing care for women during pregnancy, being there for birth and looking after mum and baby in the first few weeks of baby’s life.

National evidence has shown receiving care in this way enhances a woman’s experience and also sees an improvement in some aspects of care such as fewer babies being born prematurely.

For further details download the National Maternity Review's Better Births guidance in full (opens in new window) [pdf]

Teams providing this pathway of care have been introduced across Derby, Derbyshire and Burton.

There are two Continuity of Carer teams at UHDB, who work alongside existing community midwife teams. Continuity of Carer teams are made up of a small number of midwives and maternity support workers. Women receiving care from a Continuity of Carer team will have a named midwife to provide the majority of planned care in pregnancy and after baby has arrived. A midwife from the team will provide care in labour so women are more likely to know the midwife caring for them.

During pregnancy women are invited to ‘meet the midwife’ sessions to provide an opportunity to meet the rest of the Continuity of Carer team. For more information please speak to your midwife.