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Online antenatal education

Collection of baby care essentials

Becoming a parent, whether it’s your first time or to the newest addition to your family, can be one of the most rewarding yet challenging times of your life.

At UHDB, it is important to us that your needs are being met, so we have developed free online antenatal education resources to support you to have a positive, informed and empowered pregnancy, birth and postnatal period. The resources offer a range of topics for you to access in your own time and at your own pace. These resources can be shared with your partners and birth supporters to increase their awareness.

How To Access Online Resources

You can view the online antenatal education resources from the webpage below or via the HealthZone UK App.

The App can be accessed by downloading it for free from the App Store (opens in new window) >​ or Google Play (opens in new window) > to your personal device. Once downloaded, you will need to select the UHDB – Maternity App when opening it for the first time. The online antenatal education resources are located under the ‘antenatal’ tile.

Click on the drop down tabs below to explore the online antenatal education resources.

Antenatal topics

This section looks at topics that are most relevant to the antenatal period:

Health visitors

This section will give you information about the role of the health visitors:

Maternity care venues

This section will show you some of our maternity care locations at UHDB. 

Please note these are 360 videos, which means that you can click and drag the screen to see the hospital from all angles. Sometimes your laptop will lower the quality of the video because of this feature - to change this, please click on the cog in the right hand corner of the video, click quality and then choose ​your preferred quality (the higher the better, with HD options giving you the best viewing experience).

Supporting resources

This section offers some template resources that you can use to help you plan for the arrival of your baby:

We are always interested in your feedback, so if you have any queries or you feel that there is an area missing that you believe would be beneficial, please let us know by emailing