Radiotherapy (and Brachytherapy)

Radiotherapy (and Brachytherapy) may be used in the early stages of cancer or after it has started to spread.

We aim to provide a high quality service to patients and their families. We are very hard working and committed, but more importantly friendly, caring and empathetic. We continually aim to improve our service. We ask for feedback so that we can concentrate on the things that are important to our patients.

Radiotherapy is continuously improving. New treatment techniques are constantly being developed, and radiotherapy equipment ever-evolving.

There are a number of other treatments for Cancer. Depending on your diagnosis, Radiotherapy may be used in combination with another treatment. Other treatments include Surgery, Chemotherapy, Hormone Therapy and Brachytherapy. If you have any questions, or would like any further information on any of these treatment options, then please ask.

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