Stroke services

All patients with suspected stroke are admitted to Royal Derby Hospital for assessment in the Emergency Department.

They are then transferred to the next step of the pathway depending on where they live; the majority either remain at Derby or are transferred to the stroke ward (Ward 8) at Queen’s Hospital Burton.

Assessment is consultant led and supported by a Clinical Nurse Specialist team.

Patients with ischaemic strokes are assessed for treatment with intravenous thrombolysis and/or thrombectomy which requires transfer to Queen's Medical Centre, Nottingham.

Stroke rehabilitation

Stroke rehabilitation is offered on both sites; Florence Nightingale Community Hospital has a dedicated ward (SRU Ward 4) offering inpatient stroke specialist rehabilitation for patients (21 beds). Ward 4 at Queen's Hospital Burton has 16 stroke specific beds for ongoing care and rehabilitation.

Patients requiring complex neuro-rehabilitation may be transferred to King’s Lodge at Florence Nightingale Community Hospital.

Specialist stroke care involves assessment and treatment from many professionals who work as part of a multidisciplinary team, consisting of nurses, doctors, psychologists, dietitians, nutrition assistants, rehabilitation assistants, research teams and administrative support.

Patient information leaflets

View our stroke patient information leaflets >

Contact information

Acute Stroke Unit - Royal Derby Hospital

Telephone: 01332 7 87410


Rehabilitation Stroke Unit - Florence Nightingale Community Hospital

Telephone: 01332 524804


Queen's Hospital Burton

Ward 8
Belvedere Road
DE13 0RB

Telephone: 01283 593 091

Secretary contacts

Royal Derby Hospital email:

Queen's Hospital Burton email:

TIA (mini-stroke) referrals

Referring to the Royal Derby Hospital TIA service


Telephone: 07500 976 639

This service is available 7 days a week.

Referring to the Queen's Hospital Burton TIA service

The TIA service runs a weekly clinic on a Thursday morning for low risk referrals and a daily rapid access clinic, five days a week at 2pm for high risk patients.

Note: Please be aware urgent referrals at the weekend must be sent via the Royal Derby Hospital process.

Please email referrals to:

Information for patients

You will spend most of the day at the hospital and will be seen by a specialist nurse and doctor. You will have a number of tests and you will know the results of most of these tests before you go home.

It can be a long day so we recommend you bring something to read, drink and eat. You are welcome to bring someone with you.

You are not allowed to drive for one month following a TIA, so please arrange someone to come with you or transport you.

At Royal Derby Hospital

Come to main entrance and take the lifts to the 4th floor.

Ward 410 (nearest entrance - 9)
Uttoxeter Road
DE22 3NE