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Tayler Blount, Clinical Healthcare Apprentice

Tayler has recently completed his Level 2 Diploma in Clinical Healthcare Support with Derby College. Tayler completed his apprenticeship on Ward 307, Royal Derby Hospital.

"I applied for the Clinical Healthcare Apprenticeship to help me get a foot in the door to a career in the NHS. Starting as an apprentice has provided me with a great progression pathway."

After leaving school at 16, Tayler said:

"My apprenticeship has given me a great insight of the working world. I thought when I started my apprenticeship, I would be treated differently because of being young and not having any NHS experience. However, the team have been great. It is very inclusive and I have learnt so much from them.

"Doing an apprenticeship is great. I would highly recommend it to anyone. It has really helped me develop my skills and make something of myself."

Whilst carrying out his 12 month apprenticeship, Tayler was nominated for two Pride of Derby awards, completed his phlebotomy course, and achieved a full time role on the ward at the end of his apprenticeship.