Audio resources for mindfulness

A series of mindfulness, mindful movement and self-compassion audio guides have been produced by clinical psychology, primarily to support the 8-week mindfulness course run at the Royal Derby Hospital for patients with cancer.

These resources can help manage low mood, insomnia, to help relax, and to improve wellbeing though the process of guided meditation.

A self-help booklet to accompany the 8-week mindfulness course is also available on request. Please telephone: 01332 7 88798

These resources are not be used as teaching resources, without prior agreement.

Body scan meditation

   Track 1

Deep muscle relaxation

  1. Deep muscle relaxation

  2. Relaxation


It's time to relax

  Track 1

  Track 2


  Track 3


Mindful movement

  1. Mindful movement practice


  2. Mindful walking meditation


Mindful self-compassion and self-esteem meditations

  1. Compassion meditation


  2. Self-esteem meditation




  1. Relaxation


Relaxation techniques


Autogenic relaxation

Deep relaxation

Hand warming technique

Relaxation in a chair

Stretch out your tension


Short practices

  1. Guided sitting practice

  2. Three minute regular breathing space

  3. Coping with difficulty

  4. Physical barometer

  5. Bells at 5 minute intervals


Sitting meditation

  1. Sitting meditation