Foundation Programme for graduates

The Foundation Programme is a two-year generic training programme which forms the bridge between medical school and specialist/general practice training.

Foundation Year 1 (F1)

Foundation Year 1 (F1) enables medical graduates to begin to take supervised responsibility for patient care and consolidate the skills that they have learned at medical school.


Foundation Year 2 (F2)

Foundation Year 2 (F2) doctors remain under clinical supervision but take on increasing responsibility for patient care. In particular they begin to make management decisions as part of their progress towards independent practice.


We are committed to:

  • Equipping trainees with core clinical skills that are necessary to deal with acutely unwell patients
  • Safeguarding the focus is on training
  • Making appropriate use of the state of the art simulation suite
  • Guaranteeing trainees have access to individual clinical and educational supervisors
  • Ensuring trainees have the opportunity to build relationships with dedicated, approachable and knowledgeable postgraduate F1 and F2 administrators
  • Providing F1 and F2 teaching programmes
  • Offering innovative out-of-hours experience