Lower back pain

Most people will suffer from lower back pain or leg related back pain at some point in their lives. It is important to remember that in the majority of cases this does not mean you have done any serious harm or damage.

However, when the pain is very severe, it can feel very scary. Luckily only about 1% of all cases of back pain are linked to more serious pathology.

As a patient, you will have a full assessment with a therapist. This may be over the phone initially to ascertain your needs and to plan any necessary visits to the department.  To understand more about the assessment process please watch the video below.

NHS fitness video

Evidence suggests that keeping active and exercising is the best treatment for back pain. However, there is not one type of exercise that is superior to another. So, why not find something you enjoy and will fit in to your current lifestyle.

NHS Fitness Studio has produced some exercise videos to suit different levels of fitness and styles of exercise. Have a look and see if you can find something to suit you.

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