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Jo, Macmillan Support Assistant praised for providing exceptional care to patients living with cancer

Jo Reid Macmillan

A member of the Cancer Services team at Royal Derby Hospital has been praised by our Interim Chief Executive for going above and beyond to support patients living with cancer.

After our Macmillan Centre manager retired in December, Macmillan Information & Support Assistant, Jo Reid, has kept the centre going all this time with minimal support from her senior colleagues.

Colleagues said: “Jo was obviously anxious about being able to support patients who attend the information centre but has shown herself to be a capable and competent member of the team. Jo has worked tirelessly to make sure that patient care and guidance did not suffer despite having reduced clinical input into the centre.

“Jo has maintained an excellent service for patients and supported the centre volunteers since the beginning of the year.”

Dr Magnus Harrison, Interim Chief Executive at UHDB recognised the exceptional work of Jo and wanted her to be recognised with his March CEO Making a Difference Award. He said: “Jo has shown a compassion and understanding of patients’ needs when they attend the centre for information or support. You can see from the nomination that Jo is an invaluable member of the team and patients clearly benefit from her passion, enthusiasm and dedication in her role supporting patients living with cancer.”

Jo was presented with the award as a surprise. She said: “I feel really honoured to be part of the Macmillan family and to presented with this award, but really I am just doing my job, I haven’t done anything special, just be there for the patients and support them when they need it.”

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