Speech and language therapy at Queen's Hospital Burton


Speech and Language Therapy
Queen's Hospital Burton
Belvedere Road
DE13 0RB

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Telephone:  01283 566 333  ext. 5237 or 5229
Email: speech.burtonft@nhs.net


Download Speech and Language Therapy Referral Form (QHB) [docx] 955KB

About our services

We see:

  • Inpatients at Queen's Hospital Burton, Samuel Johnson Community Hospital, and Sir Robert Peel Community Hospital
  • Outpatients, either at Queen's Hospital Burton or their place of residence.

We assess and treat patients referred from the following specialties: 

  • Stroke – we aim to promote recovery or aid in maintaining independence whenever possible, when patients have communication difficulties an/or swallowing disorders as a result of a stroke.
  • Neurology – we support patients with long-term conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease, to manage the associated communication and/or swallowing difficulties that can occur.
  • Dementia – we aim to support patients who have swallowing difficulties as a result of this condition.
  • Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) – we aim to promote recovery of patients who have voice disorders, or assist in improving swallowing/communication for patients that have been treated for cancer of the head and neck. We also see patients jointly in the X-Ray department, for detailed examination of swallowing difficulties.
  • Paediatrics – we work jointly with the Department of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics to assess and treat children with feeding difficulties.