Support for alcohol related harm

Since September 2022, UHDB has been offering an Alcohol Care Team (ACT) service at Royal Derby Hospital for patients to support reduction in alcohol related harm.

This is offered at RDH only, as the ACT campaign is part of a broader national programme to only target areas that are outliers for alcohol-related harm, which includes Derby City.

We aim to reduce harmful alcohol consumption, improving the health of our community, and save lives.

While many in our community drink alcohol responsibly, and don’t feel they have a harmful relationship with alcohol, our screening process can often identify those who may not realise that they drink excessively and allow for those people to receive the support they need.

Additionally, evidence supports that initiatives such as these reduce patients’ length of stay and rates of re-admission, freeing up more capacity within our hospitals. Acute medical hospitals do not routinely advise completion of a detox for alcohol dependent people as an inpatient unless medically indicated, and the Alcohol Care Team can assist with prompt supported discharge, often with a better medium-term outcome.

How does it work?

UHDB colleagues at Royal Derby Hospital ask patients a set of screening questions to identify if a patient is eligible to be offered support through the Alcohol Care Team. Our staff will then introduce the support on offer and complete a referral, should a patient choose to opt in. The Alcohol Care Team are notified and a member will attend to offer assessment.

An Alcohol Care Team nurse will then work directly with the patient during their hospital stay and beyond to support them on their journey to address their problematic drinking.

Benefits of stopping drinking

There are many benefits to stopping drinking, some can be seen in as little as 24 hours:

  • Immediate benefits: no hangover, no fear about what you said when under the influence, and it gives you a great sense of achievement.
  • One to two weeks: improved sleep, improved skin and more energy and motivation.
  • Medium term benefits: improved mood, lowered anxiety, more emotionally stable, better relationships, less sexual dysfunction and better physical shape.
  • Long term benefits: improved general health, improved blood pressure and lowered risk of cancer, stroke, heart disease and liver disease.

Additional resources

Accessing support – including for families:


Derby City: Aquarius 03007900265 Opt 3
Derbyshire County: DRP 01246 206514
Download Drink tracker apps (opens in new window) >
Derbyshire Mental Health support line: 08000280077
Access Drink Wise Derby website (opens in new window) >


Burton – Stars – Humankind: 01283 741053
Staffordshire M H Helpline: 08088 00 2234