Children's Diabetes

The Children's Diabetes service is a team of doctors, nurses, dietitians and clinical psychologists, as well as play therapists and youth workers. Each team member helps in a different way.


Our doctors are paediatricians who have specialised in diabetes. They will guide your treatment and make sure that you are well supported with your diabetes. They may examine you in clinics and check for problems associated with diabetes.

Paediatric Diabetes Specialist Nurses

These are children’s nurses who specialise in diabetes. They will support you to learn about diabetes through regular contact.


Dietitians are specially trained in food and nutrition, and work with you and your family to help you make the right food choices and live a more active lifestyle.

Clinical Psychologists

Clinical Psychologists can support children and their parents cope with the diagnosis of diabetes.

Support team

We have a support team of practitioners, youth workers and play specialists to help educate and care for children and their familes about diabetes.

Download our app and booklet on diabetes 

Royal Derby Hospital - contact us

Diabetes appointment enquiries 

Telephone: 01332 787 292

Young adult diabetes team

Telephone: 01332 787 671

Out of hours

If you have high or increasing ketone levels you may require the emergency department:

Telephone: 01332 783 111

Ensure you have the following information ready before you ring them:

  • Insulin doses
  • Ketones levels
  • Blood sugar levels