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Deciding how to feed your baby

We want to help and support you look at baby feeding options, and to make the right baby feeding choice for you and your family. Talk to your midwife and health visitor who can answer your questions and give you some tips to help get feeding started.

Remember you don’t have to make a decision about how you will feed your baby until you hold your baby in your arms.

We can help you find out more about;

  • When to feed baby (responding to baby’s cues)
  • breast feeding, expressing your milk, mixed feeding or bottle feeding
  • when your baby has to be cared for on the Neonatal unit
  • when your baby is feeding frequently in the first few days and/or you are worried about your milk supply
  • when your baby is reluctant to feed or is jaundiced 
  • sterilising your feeding equipment

You will be able to find everything you need to build your confidence and overcome any challenges you may have all in one place.

Bitesized videos on feeding your newborn

How to tell if breastfeeding is going well


Paced bottle feeding


Breastfeeding positioning and attachment


Responsive parenting

Information and tips from NHS feeding experts and real life stories from mums

First Steps Nutrition

First Steps Nutrition is an independent site where you can get information about eating well in pregnancy, different milks available in the UK, a simple guide to formula and a statement about formula preparation machines.