Interventional / Cardiac Radiography

Interventional radiological procedures are performed in the Main x-ray department at the Royal Derby Hospital where there are two rooms available. Cardiac imaging and intervention is undertaken in a dedicated suite within the Royal Derby Hospital.

Interventional radiology is the performance of (usually minimally invasive) medical procedures with the guidance of imaging technologies. The procedures use x-rays to obtain ‘live’ pictures of the body. Many different procedures can be performed - the most common procedure is an ‘angiogram’ or ‘angioplasty’. This is a special examination of blood vessels. Injecting the special dye called ‘contrast medium’ into an artery through a fine plastic tube called a ‘catheter’, allows us to take detailed x-ray images of arteries and veins. A radiologist will use specially designed tubes and wires to access your vessels.

Royal Derby Hospital


Royal Derby Hospital
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If you are coming for an out-patient assessment with one of the consultant radiologists, the Main x-ray department is on level 1 and is signposted from the main hospital entrance. Please report to Reception 3. 

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Interventional / Cardiac
Monday - Friday: 8.45am - 5pm

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