PLSU and additional support networks for AHP students

The Practice Learning Support Unit (PLSU) is responsible for ensuring both the quantity and quality of Allied Health Professional (AHP) placements to create a student workforce fit for future practice.

We do this by:

  • Working alongside and supporting you and your Educators
  • Ensuring high quality learning environments, resources and opportunities
  • Being accessible to you and your Educators, working with you directly as needed and attending your student reports  as appropriate
  • Auditing our placement quality and quantity
  • Analysing and responding to your placement feedback and evaluation
  • Promoting and providing inter-professional learning opportunities, tutorials and peer support sessions
  • Providing regular student link meetings and updates
  • Working closely with Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) to ensure you receive the best clinical training and learning opportunities

Student forums

Profession specific and inter-professional forums are organised by the PLSU team throughout the year. We aim to time these to capture as many students as possible during your time with us.  These give you the opportunity to share practice, concerns, feedback and positive or negative experiences whilst on placement.

Health, wellbeing and resilience

Working in healthcare can be physically and emotionally demanding. As a student on placement and a future healthcare employee it is important you are aware of the potential to burn out both physically and emotionally.

Keeping yourself active and well is encouraged and will allow you to be a positive role model to patients. To ensure our patients receive good care we also need to look after ourselves and each other.

UHDB is committed to maintaining and enhancing the wellbeing of its staff. In 2020 we appointed Wellbeing Champions across the Trust, they are available to talk to and signpost you to any services available during your placement with us. Please ask your clinical area who their wellbeing champion is.

Get information on wellbeing, health and fitness >

It is important to make time and space to reflect, share experiences, seek support and build emotional resilience. Try and use your supervision sessions wisely and take the opportunity to discuss these issues whenever possible if you feel able to do so. PLSU facilitated student forums are also a good opportunity to share and listen to other students’ experiences. 

BAME network

The BAME Staff Support Network Group is open to all Trust staff and students who define themselves as Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic and feeds in to UHDB Trust inclusion group meetings. The Network is also open to those who may want to support the Network as an Ally.

The chair of the group can be contacted at

LGBTQIA+ Network Group

The LGBTQIA+ Network Group is available to all staff and students who identify as LGBTQIA+ and LGBTQIA+ allies. The network welcomes you to join this group to help improve inclusivity and openness within our hospitals.

If you’re interested in joining the LGBTQIA+ Network Group, please send an email to for information on any meetings which are taking place during your placement.

Disability support

We will actively support you if you have additional support needs or a disability which may impact your placement. If you would like any further advice please contact the PLSU team at

UHDB Disability Employee Support Network is available to support staff disabilities. The group is open and accessible to all who are disabled or would like to become an ally. If you would like more details, or to join while you are here on placement please contact

Watch Steve’s video story to see how we can support students with a disability (opens in new window) >

Raising Concerns

At UHDB Trust we are committed to an open and honest culture of “speaking up”. You should feel able to speak up about anything you feel is getting in the way of delivering the best patient care or offering a good staff or student experience. By reporting your concerns you are helping to protect patients and staff, and will make UHDB a better place to work.

If you are affected by any issues on placement, in the first instance you may feel comfortable to speak up informally with your Educator, member of your clinical team, your Higher Education Institutes (HEI) or PLSU. Any serious allegations raised with your Educator or PLSU will need to be disclosed to relevant managers to be investigated and actioned appropriately. If this is the case we will need your involvement and may be unable to maintain confidentiality. 

The Trust as a whole has in place a variety of other methods to allow staff to speak up (anonymously if required). These include Freedom to Speak Up Champions or our Freedom to Speak up Guardian, and online, allowing staff to speak up with no face to face contact.  Details of all of these method are available on Net-i.

Freedom to Speak Up (Raising Concerns at Work) - UHDB Trust Policy and Procedure (opens in new window) >

Student Feedback

Your feedback is very much welcomed! We aim to provide placements which are supportive and beneficial to you. Your feedback will be used by PLSU to further improve and enhance experiences of future students.

Contact details

AHP Practice Learning Facilitators
Rachel White and Louise Jones

PLSU Office telephone: 01332 785266

Occupational Therapy specific enquiries

Physiotherapy specific enquiries

All other AHP enquiries

Twitter: @UHDB_PLSU