Preceptorship is a 12-18 month transition period with structured support to enhance the skills, knowledge, competence and confidence of our newly qualified staff.

Who is it for?

Preceptorship is for newly qualified staff entering the trust, staff that are returning to practice, or for staff that may be transitioning from one part of the register to another (i.e. nursing associate to registered nurse).

It is available for all nurses, midwives, allied health professionals and healthcare scientists across the five sites.

What does it involve?

As a preceptee, you will have access to:

  • A welcome booklet with the guidance you need for your first year of development.
  • Regular support from senior members of your team, clinical educators, Professional and Practice Development (PPD) and Practice Learning Support Unit (PLSU).
  • Workshops/study days designed to enhance your development.
  • Resources and learning tools to help guide your continuing professional development in line with your professional bodies. 
  • Opportunities to guide you towards the next steps in your career in the NHS.

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