Kings Lodge Neurological Rehabilitation Unit

Kings Lodge is a specialist unit for the rehabilitation for patients who are 16 years of age and over who have a Neurological condition (neurological – relating to the brain and nervous system).

This may involve physical impairment and/or communication difficulties and/or cognitive difficulties (memory, problem solving, processing skills, concentration) and/or rehabilitation nursing needs (continence management, pressure area management).

Patients will have access to a multi-disciplinary team; consultants, doctors, rehabilitation nurses, rehabilitation care assistants, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists. We also have input from other disciplines e.g. psychologists, dieticians, podiatrists etc.

Your rehabilitation programme is specifically designed to meet your needs. It is run over a 24 hour period by the healthcare professions involved in your rehabilitation. We view rehabilitation as a process of change in which you may be able to adapt, relearn skills or learn new skills in order to regain independence.

As well as promoting independence we also support patients in adapting to changes where independence may not be possible.

Admission will be in accordance with specific criteria and following agreement with the patient, their relatives or carers and the unit senior team.

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Kings Lodge
Ward 3
Florence Nightingale Community Hospital
London Road

Tel:  01332 254 803


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