Comprehensive Assessment Service for Older People (CASOP)

Our service provides a consultant led multi-disciplinary comprehensive assessment for older adults who are mildly to moderately frail and have either had a fall, or are at risk of falling.

We assess and plan patient centered intervention to meet the needs of the individual. We are able to offer the following as part of planned intervention:

  • One-to-one physiotherapy sessions
  • OTAGO group sessions
  • Tai Chi group sessions
  • Falls prevention education
  • Advice on strategies for coping with anxiety
  • Home visits for environmental safety
  • Provision of adapted equipment
  • Cognitive screening
  • Health and lifestyle advice
  • Medical / medication review

We work closely with other specialist services and are able to refer to them when appropriate.

How to refer a patient  

We accept GP referrals via “Choose and Book”.

Consultant to consultant referrals are done via email with a detailed clinic letter attached.

AHP / nursing referrals are done via email with a detailed referral form attached.

AHP referrals will only be accepted from registered AHPs (band 5 and above), as detailed clinical reasoning for the referral has to be demonstrated.


Dr Jane Youde                                  
Dr Bushra Khizar
Dr Wei Chua               
Dr Sunder Shanmugam

Opening hours

Monday to Friday, 8am - 4pm

Find and contact us

Specialist Rehabilitation
Florence Nightingale Community Hospital
London Road

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Telephone:  01332 254 831