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Pancreaticobiliary Surgery

The Derby Pancreato-Biliary Unit offers a comprehensive service to patients with complex benign gallbladder, bile duct and pancreatic diseases.

Gallstones and 'Hot Gallbladder'

The Derby Pancreato-Biliary Unit offers laparoscopic (keyhole) removal of the gallbladder for gallstone disease and has a track record with one the highest number nationally. 

Patients that are admitted with symptomatic stones or mild pancreatitis, and who fit within a selected criterion, are offered an expedited (under 2 weeks ‘hot gallbladder’ service) operation to prevent further re-admissions and complications of gallstones.


We offer advanced level management for severe acute pancreatitis which is a life threatening benign inflammatory condition of the pancreas most often caused by gallstones. The Derby Pancreato-Biliary Unit offers complex management of this condition, requiring different modalities which include surgical, radiological and endoscopic intervention.

Services for pancreatitis


  • Open necrosectomy
  • Minimally invasive necrosectomy +/- cystgastrostomy
  • Roux-en-y drainage procedures of the pancreas and bile duct
  • Removal of gallstones by way of cholecystectomy (removal of gallbladder) and exploration of bile duct


  • Insertion of percutaneous drains
  • Radiological vascular intervention


  • ERCP – endoscopic procedure to remove stones from bile duct
  • EUS    – endoscopic procedure for biliary/pancreatic diagnosis and drainage of pancreatic collections

Contact and find us


General Surgery Outpatients, Level 1
Royal Derby Hospital
Uttoxeter Road
DE22 8NE

Telephone: 01332 387 249


Altaf Awan
Clinical Lead for Pancreaticobiliary Surgery / Consultant Pancreaticobiliary Surgeon

Imran Bhatti
Consultant Pancreaticobiliary Surgeon

Email (both contacts):