Derby DrivAbility - Access assessments

These cover issues surrounding getting in/out of your car; seating, and wheelchair loading. Often these assessments are just for passengers but they can also be necessary for some drivers.

We will generally speak to you before booking these assessments to ascertain exactly what you are looking to achieve and to explain what we can do to help.  There may a little delay in arranging an appointment when we have to arrange for another company to come in and demonstrate equipment to you.

If travel to the centre is an issue, once we have established your needs we will try and signpost you to companies that may be able to come and see you at home.  We will be happy to speak to you subsequently to give ongoing guidance.


Special seating clinic

Our occupational therapists run clinics for youngsters with special seating needs and for those with challenging behaviours where special harnesses or alternative solutions are required.

These require an NHS/social services referral using the SSC referral.


Non driving assessments

These are offered to drivers who have no licence.

It may be that their licence has been revoked or that they surrendered it when unwell or because it has expired and they are not sure whether it is appropriate to re-apply for their licence back and/or need supportive evidence is required to share with the DVLA.  Some young adults and their parents also like to undertake such an assessment to gain guidance on suitability to drive before applying for their first licence.

This assessment will consist of an interview; standardised cognitive assessment eg the Rookwood battery where appropriate, an assessment using the static assessment rig and for potential provisional licence holders theory test questions.

Before applying for this assessment please contact us to discuss your case.