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Help Us, Help You - Mental Health Campaign

This week, NHS England and NHS Improvement launched a new mental health campaign to highlight that feelings of anxiety and depression can affect us all - and the NHS is here to help. The NHS provides a range of talking therapies for common mental health issues such as anxiety and depression which are free, effective and confidential.


New NExT Director at UHDB

UHDB has appointed a new NExT Director to join our Trust Board as part of an innovative NHS initiative. Nikant Ailawadi, who is Director of Insight at Barts Health NHS Trust, will join the Board in a non-voting capacity on 1 February 2022.



ED Sister’s simple educational tool, “The QR Bar”, is a viral hit!

Emergency Department Sister and Clinical Educator, Leanne Siekiera, has had global interest from a simple QR Code Board she set up to help benefit staff in the QHB Emergency Department get easy access to guidelines, policies and educational tools.

Leanne said: “The board all came about to help benefit the Newly Qualified Nurses and new starters that were starting work in the Emergency Department.


Community Midwife and new mum backs local birthing pool appeal

A proud new mum is backing a major Derby & Burton Hospitals Charity appeal after having the relaxed birthing experience she dreamed of.

Amiee Grix, a Community Midwife from Burton gave birth to baby Alfred in the birth pool at Queen’s Hospital in Burton earlier this year in September.

Amiee now wants to raise awareness of the Birthing Pool Appeal, which aims to raise £10,000 to fund the development of a new cutting-edge birthing pool suite, helping to give other mums-to-be the chance of experiencing the benefits of water during labour.


A tribute to Andrew Woodcock

It is with great sadness that we have to inform you that Andrew Woodcock from our Royal Derby Hospital ED family has died.


UHDB Energy Monitor retires after nearly 60 years’ service in the NHS

81-year-old Energy Monitor, Joe Sim, officially retired from his job at UHDB on Friday, 31 December, after clocking up an amazing 59 years’ service for the NHS

Joe started working as an Assistant Engineer at Pastures Hospital in Mickleover on Monday, 5 November 1962. Joe said: “I definitely have my wife to thank for this! I met my wife when she was working as a theatre Nurse at the DRI. I used to go and wait for her after work, but being a theatre nurse, there were many occasions when the operations would over run and she’d be late off shift. I kept myself entertained by taking a stroll around the site – this is when I got talking to different members of staff. One day I got speaking to the boilerman who worked there – he made me realise the hospital wasn’t just built up with Doctors and Nurses, and I believe that’s when my interest in engineering in the NHS began!”


A tribute to Geoff Salt

It is with great sadness we share the news of the death of Geoff Salt, Derbyshire Children's Hospital League of Friends Chairman, and volunteer at Royal Derby Hospital.

Geoff started work in NHS Hospital Finance in 1963 and retired in 1999. Geoff became involved with the Derbyshire Children's Hospital League of Friends and it was following a chance remark by a member of the nursing staff at North Street Children’s Hospital, who wondered if the League could perhaps supply drinks of orange juice for the children while they waited for their appointments, that the tea bar was set up.


A tribute to Jackie Fenney

It is with great sadness we announce the passing of Jacqueline Fenney on 13 December 2021.


‘I remember getting my first pay cheque – I thought it was a bonus, getting paid to do something that I loved doing’

A beloved UHDB nurse who has dedicated herself to caring for thousands of people for nearly half a century has spoken of her pride at being able to do a job that she’s “always loved” for so long.

Known as a mentor, their work mum, or simply “Mrs B” to many of her colleagues, Gurjit Badhesha, was this week presented with her Long Service Award to celebrate both her 45th year in the NHS – and with us here at UHDB.

After starting her training as an enrolled nurse at the former Derby City Hospital back in 1976, Gurjit soon started working as a nurse in the old Receiving Room, which would go on to become the hospital’s Medical Assessment Unit (MAU) in 1997.


UHDB announces interim Chief Executive

Dr Magnus Harrison, currently  Executive Medical Director and Deputy Chief Executive, will become Interim Chief Executive from 1 February 2022.


A&E departments are here to help you if you have a life-threatening health concern

A Royal Derby Hospital patient who suffered a cardiac arrest whilst being treated in A&E has praised staff in the department for saving her life with their quick actions.

Glenys Gallagher was rushed to hospital by her family after showing symptoms of a heart attack and this decision to not hesitate but to come straight to A&E ultimately saved her life. 


Minor Injuries Units are here to help you and your family

A married couple from Tamworth have revealed how vital their local Minor Injuries Unit is to their community after each had a fall and required treatment.

Peggy and Peter Thelwell found themselves in need of urgent medical assistance recently when both suffered nasty injuries following two separate falls. 


‘Now after having the vaccine and having had the experience we’ve had; I have asked myself ‘why have we waited so long?'

A UHDB staff governor has explained why she was anxious about getting the Covid-19 vaccine and what helped her to change her mind.

Lesley Hayes received her first dose of the vaccine yesterday morning – after deciding not to do so up until now over fears that this could lead to her experiencing serious side-effects in the future.

As someone with the hidden disability Epilepsy who has experienced previous vaccination contraindications in the past and whose children have also experienced serious long-term side effects relating to her medication, Lesley was understandably concerned about any adverse effects from getting the vaccine and so decided to hold off doing so until she felt more comfortable to make an informed decision.


National Workplace Day of Remembrance

Sunday 12 December marks the Workplace Day of Remembrance. Established in 2019 the day is a time to remember everyone who lost their lives.

Earlier this year, we unveiled two new heart sculptures to remember our colleagues we have lost throughout the pandemic and over the years gone by. 

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