Research support departments

Research support departments are areas within the Trust that facilitate and provide ongoing management of research studies where additional elements are required such as x-rays, blood tests and ECGS.  

Research support departments include Radiology, Pharmacy, Clinical Measurements, Pathology, Microbiology and Clinical Engineering. The research support departments play a vital part in UHDB delivering research across all of the Trust sites and working towards their aim of offering every patient the opportunity to take part in research; helping develop new medicines, devices and treatments.

Each department that provides research support plays a crucial role in the delivery of a research protocol. Pharmacy are required to manage the investigational medicinal products when they are being used in trials. Radiology may offer new ways of diagnosis through different imaging techniques. Each area is responsible for providing an effective, efficient and proactive support structure to help advise on and maintain research activity at the Trust.

Each research support department works closely with the Research and Development (R&D) team during the set-up of trials. Through this collaboration research support departments help UHDB realise its vision to be a beacon of the NHS, delivering 21st century healthcare.