Sponsored Studies

If you are just getting started with a research idea we encourage you to get in touch with us and we can discuss the next steps for developing your idea. We have links with the UHDB clinical librarians who can conduct literature searches to ensure your idea takes into account existing relevant research evidence.

If you are looking at applying for funding we can help you identify relevant funding streams and support with your application. Ideally contact us as early as possible to ensure we have adequate time to assess all elements of your application and correctly attribute research costs.

Contact us with your proposal at uhdb.sponsor@nhs.net.

All research conducted in health and social care requires a sponsor. The sponsor takes on overall responsibility for proportionate, effective arrangements being in place to set-up, run and report a research study. For studies in the NHS the sponsor is usually a NHS Trust, a university or a commercial organisation. UHDB sponsors high quality research, which is of high scientific worth and will be of benefit to patients and to the Trust. This is assessed through a collaborative review and risk assessment process.

If you want UHDB to take on the role of research sponsor, please email  uhdb.sponsor@nhs.net with the following;

If you are undertaking research as part of an educational qualification your research sponsor should be your awarding institution.