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Parkinson’s team release a multidisciplinary guide to Parkinson’s care

Fiona Caroline and Clare with new book

UHDB Parkinson’s team have released a new book about a multidisciplinary approach to Parkinson’s care for improved patient outcomes.

‘A Parkinson’s Disease: A Multidisciplinary Guide to Management’ provides a practical guide to this approach, with the perspective of the person living with Parkinson’s firmly at its core.

Authors Fiona Lindop, Specialist Physiotherapist, and Dr Rob Skelly, Consultant Physician, are among those who have shared their thoughts in this book as part of the team’s effort to unpack how to manage Parkinson’s disease.

Fiona explained why she and the team chose to write the book. She said: “UDHB Parkinson's team is recognised as a Center of Excellence for its multidisciplinary team approach to managing this condition.

“We decided to produce a practical handbook for profession which describes multidisciplinary intervention throughout the course of the condition - from diagnosis through to the advanced stages, keeping the person with Parkinson's at the centre of the team.”

The book covers all areas of care, from pharmacological management to non-drug interventions that are useful for Parkinson’s symptoms.

Operational Lead in Specialist Rehabilitation, Ruth Stewert, congratulated the team on their book launch and said: “The team have continued to demonstrate their commitment and dedication to improving the lives of Parkinson's patients and their carers through their new book.

“The publication of this book is an example of quality and excellence of which UHDB can be extremely proud.”

Deputy General Manager in Specialist Medicine, Alli Silverwood, also praised the team for their dedication and support to patients with Parkinson’s disease and their careers. She said: “This book is one of many examples of the team commitment to sharing their expertise and learning in order to assist as many people and professional peers as possible. 

“The UHDB team are wonderful and their continual effort to improve the experience of people with Parkinson’s disease is inspiring. I am very proud of them and feel privileged to work alongside them.”

Both paperback and digital copies of the book can be purchased for £33.29. To find out more on how to buy the book, please visit the Elsevier website (opens in new window) >