Guidance for Trainees and Host Trusts & Workplace Policies

This guide has been produced with all of the information for Trainees and Host Trusts that they will need for the duration of the training period.

Please continue to view the guide from this website to ensure that you are reading the most up to date version.

Trainees will be expected to adhere to the UHDB policies throughout their employment with the Trust.  All forms to be completed can be found with the associated UHDB policy and the contacts to forward the forms to can be found in the guide or the contact page.

We cannot accept Host Trust policy forms that have been completed but we would accept Trainees to abide by local guidelines and procedures.

View the Lead Employer workplace policies >

For information on the relocation policy, please view the Health Education England East Midlands website for eligibility and use this policy in conjunction with the Trust Expenses Policy.