Children’s allergy

At UHDB, we care for children, young people and their families with allergies and support with managing their condition.

Our allergy clinic is based at the Royal Derby Children's Hospital, where we undertake allergy focused clinical history, examinations and necessary tests.

During your visit to the clinic, you may have a skin prick test or blood test following your consultation with the doctor, to test for various food, animals and pollen allergies. Your results will support our healthcare professionals to deliver the right care for you.

Some children may need blood tests, lung tests or patch tests; the clinic will make a referral to other departments following your appointment to arrange these tests if needed. Sometimes we do skin prick clinics separate from our allergy clinic; your hospital doctor will make this request if it is needed for the patient.

How to refer to an allergy clinic?

If you think your child has an allergy, a referral to an allergy clinic needs to be made by your GP.

What could happen during your visit to the allergy clinic?

  • Weight and height measurement to assess growth.
  • Visit with the doctor, specialised in children’s allergy.
  • A comprehensive management plan will be made for your child’s allergy.
  • Skin prick testing, blood tests (if needed.)
  • Written management plans will be provided (if needed.)
  • Training for how to manage possible anaphylaxis will be provided (if needed.)

Contact us

If you have any queries about your upcoming appointment, please call the appointment line on 01332 340131.

If you have already been seen by the allergy team and have a query, please call the paediatric secretaries on 01332 786441 or 01332 786826.

Location: Children’s Allergy Team, Uttoxeter New Road, Derby, DE223NE.

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