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Michelle's stage 3 Cervical Cancer journey

My name is Michelle and I am 45, this is my story…

I received news on 16th March 2021 that treatment for my grade 3 stage 3 cervical cancer has been successful. A long hard, dark and scary journey has ended; I have come out of this, wanting to help other ladies only just starting their nightmare.

I had chemotherapy, radiotherapy and brachytherapy, from the period of July 2020 to the end of September 2020 and I am walking proof that there is hope for you, if you are a lady in my shoes reading this! Care at The Royal Derby Hospital has been faultless, the staff and nurses are so amazing, I viewed the mountain climb of treatment as a new job, a job that was going to save my life, the most important job I'd ever do!

Do all you can to beat cancer, have no regrets, eat well, keep your mind well...and if possible, cut out alcohol and smoking, help your body as best you can, "IT" needs help and you need "IT"....IT is your body.

Find distraction, find love, and find friends, anything to keep the cancer demon at the back of the queue! I'm hoping with all my heart to work with the Royal Derby Hospital to help support ladies who have cervical cancer so maybe our paths will cross soon. Good luck and massive hugs to any cancer patient reading this, lean on anybody offering to be your lamp post.


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