Virtual tours of departments

Throughout your cancer journey you may need to visit different departments within the hospital.

We appreciate that this ‘unknown’ can add to the anxiety of coming for an appointment. To try and help with this, we have created a virtual tour of each of these departments so that you can see what to expect before you arrive.

Combined Day Unit

The Combined Day Unit (often referred to as CDU) delivers intensive chemotherapy and supportive therapies which include blood product transfusions and immunotherapies to patients with haematological or oncological malignancy.  We also provide supportive therapies to patients with non malignant disorders including sickle cell.

We offer a nurse led venesection service and also a blood taking service to all patients requiring blood sampling prior to their treatments.  A pre-treatment counselling service is also provided by experienced nurses for patients requiring chemotherapy for oncological malignancy. Patients with a haematological malignancy are counselled by haematology clinical nurse specialists.

A number of medical and nurse led clinics are also conducted within the combined day unit.

We suggest entering the Royal Derby Hospital at entrance 24 opposite car park 6 for ease; our Combined Day Unit is located on the same corridor as our Specialist Outpatient Department.

Here is a little video of what the combined day unit looks like and what you can expect when you visit.

Combined Triage Assessment Unit (CTAU)

The Combined Triage Assessment Unit (CTAU- previously referred to as the unwell bay), is an 8 chaired assessment unit for oncology and haematology patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy. We are temporarily located in the former Lymphoedema Clinic based in Level 1 at the Royal Derby Hospital.

Patients can be advised to attend for assessment via the Rapid response line, Clinics, Combined Day Unit or Radiotherapy. Nurses on CTAU will receive triage calls via the rapid response line during the opening hours of CTAU. Beyond these times nurses on both oncology and haematology wards will receive the calls and advise accordingly. If at all there is no answer when contacting the rapid response line please try again, it may be the staff are busy.

On arrival to the unit patients will receive necessary; observations, bloods, investigations and antibiotics if required. Patients on average will be with us for a couple to several hours at a time whilst we wait for blood results and request essential scans or investigations if required. We politely ask that patients attend the unit on their own without their relatives unless absolutely necessary due to the busy environment and limited space.

From CTAU patients will either be discharged home or admitted to the ward.

Opening times

Weekdays 7am - 7pm

Weekends and Bank Holidays 8am - 6pm

Here is a video of what the department looks like and what to expect when you visit.

Gynaecology Assessment Unit (GAU)

The Gynaecology Assessment Unit (also referred to as GAU) provides rapid assessment and diagnostic service for all emergency gynaecological patients and incorporates an early pregnancy assessment service.

Referrals can be made to GAU by GPs, midwives, the emergency department and other community services.

At the Royal Derby Hospital GAU is located within the maternity and gynaecology area of the hospital, the closest entrance being opposite car park 6.

Opening times

Monday to Friday: 9am – 6:30pm

Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays: 9am - 4:30pm

Radiotherapy (and Brachytherapy)

There are a number of treatment options for gynaecological cancers and depending on your diagnosis, radiotherapy may be used by itself or in combination with another treatment such as surgery, chemotherapy, hormone therapy and brachytherapy.

Our radiotherapy department at the Royal Derby Hospital is located on level 0, we suggest using entrance 24 opposite car park 6 for ease. We provide both an outpatient service and out of hours emergency treatment here.

Here is a little video of the radiotherapy department and what to expect when you visit.

[Video coming soon]

Specialist Outpatient Department

Our outpatient department provides a comprehensive specialist Consultant-based service for the assessment, treatment and follow-up of cancer patients.

We have a skilled multi-disciplinary team consisting of Therapy Radiographers, Registered Nurses and a Chemotherapy Team. We also provide patient support including access to a dietician, and counselling and information service.

As a gynaecology oncology patient you may visit this department to meet with the oncology team to discuss potential; chemotherapy, radiotherapy and/or brachytherapy.

You may also visit this department as part of your on-going follow up.

We suggest entering the Royal Derby Hospital at entrance 24, opposite car park 6 for ease; our Specialist Outpatient Department is located on the same corridor as the Combined Day Unit.

Here is a video of what the department looks like and what to expect when you visit.

[Video coming soon]

Gynaecology Outpatients