Lead Employer – Host Trust Information

How the Lead Employer model works at UHDB is outlined in this website and in the Guidance for Trainees and Host Trusts. This guide can be found in the next section on this website and we encourage you to view it on here to ensure you are reading the most up to date version.

When UHDB has been informed by HEE EM the trainees that are due to rotate into the Radiology Specialty Trainee programme, you will be forwarded a table of all Trainees and their rotations including any annual leave entitlements, pay scales, rotation dates, annual leave entitlements and comments. We will also inform you regularly throughout July and August of clearance updates for new starters.

The Host Trusts are responsible for contacting Trainees with their new starter arrangements, work schedules (copying in the Lead Employer with the date they were sent to the Trainee for reporting), providing a local induction and monitoring the compliance of mandatory training. The Host Trusts are also responsible for entering absence onto ESR Self Service to allow the Lead Employer Organisation to monitor levels of absence and ensure appropriate review meetings can be arranged in line with UHDB policies.

What do we need from you?

We need you to tell us if your contact information for the Host Trusts is up to date and inform us of any changes we need to make to ensure we are forwarding the correct information to the individuals in your organisation. The contacts we require are:

  • Contact details for work schedules.
  • Contact details for medical staffing e.g. rotas and leave requests.
  • Contact details for authorised signatories for additional payments and deductions.
  • Contact details for any advice from our Occupational Health department regarding Trainees.

Trainees will remain employees of UHDB throughout the duration of their training, so they will not be required to carry out pre-employment checks when they rotate. They will be asked to carry with them on their first working day, their passport and the Right to Work Share Code (if applicable) if the Host Trust requires this to prove a Trainees identity.

We can make payments through our payroll for Trainees that have worked additional hours, payment for unpaid leave, mess fees and car parking fees at their Host Trust without them being cleared to work by the Host Trust. Please view the Additional Payments section.

If you have any queries please contact uhdb.radiologyleademployer@nhs.net.