Virtual pulmonary rehabilitation

We are proud to announce that our Physiotherapists and Fitness instructors have developed two types of pulmonary rehabilitation, which can be performed in your own home.

We have called these types of pulmonary rehabilitation “Virtual Pulmonary Rehabilitation”, and are available as a hand book or online material.

Each programme has been designed to be performed over 6 weeks, containing both exercises and education sessions. The exercises are progressive, meaning they will be more difficult over the 6 week programme. Throughout the programme, you will be contacted a minimum of once weekly by a member of the team to review the exercises and education with you, and support you through the programme. You will also be provided with the contact number and encouraged to contact the team if you have any concerns or queries.

To access either of these programmes you will need to have been referred by a health care professional such as your GP, community matron, or hospital team. Prior to starting the programme you will be contacted by a member of the team to discuss the programmes and to make sure you are safe to exercise at home.

  • Education: Follow the weeks and discover more about your condition.
  • Exercise: Please complete the exercise video a least twice a week. Please complete either seated OR intermediate OR advanced level.
  • If there any changes to your health please contact the team.

Please ensure you have been assessed by the Pulmonary rehabilitation team before starting the programme, to ensure you are safe to exercise.

Week 1 pulmonary rehabilitation programme

UHDB pulmonary rehabilitation cardiovascular demonstrations

(Please watch before you begin the exercise session).

Week 1 exercise session

(Please complete this twice).

Welcome to pulmonary rehabilitation

How do the lungs work?

Week 2 pulmonary rehabilitation programme

Week 2 exercise session

(Please complete this twice).

Chronic lung disease


Managing breathlessness

Week 3 pulmonary rehabilitation programme

Week 3 exercise session

(Please complete this twice).

Energy Conservation

Learning Relaxation


Welfare benefits

Week 4 pulmonary rehabilitation programme

Week 4 exercise session

(Please complete this twice).

Exacerbations and Respiratory Medication

Chest Clearance

Week 5 pulmonary rehabilitation programme

Week 5 exercise session

(Please complete this twice).

Eating Well for Healthier Lungs

Lifestyle - Making Better Choices

Week 6 pulmonary rehabilitation programme

Week 6 exercise session

(Please complete this twice).

Why do we need Oxygen?